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Security Questioned In Multi-Shooting Aftermath

Mar 11, 2013

The amount of security has come into question surrounding a multiple shooting at a private dance Saturday night in Kansas City.

Five were wounded inside and outside the rented hall at 87th and Hillcrest.

All but one victim were in their mid- to late teens. One was 20 years old.

All survived.

The shooter or shooters remain at large.  

A little-known city agency was apparently not consulted.

It’s called “Regulated Industries” and it licenses pool halls, strippers, carnivals and the like. It also issues permits to dance halls.  

Interim manager of the agency Jim Ready said he would have required more guards at the hall than the one who apparently was the only security present.

But, Ready said, the hall renter did not apply for a permit.

“It was a teen event that was going to be out there with a type of concert and dance they were going to have. And knowing they were going to have three hundred or more attendees, I certainly would have required two security personnel, but more like three or probably four security personnel be out there.”

The hall operator, citing the police investigation, declined comment.

Ready said the cost of a dance hall permit is rarely an issue. 

The fee is only $15. But it also sets in place oversight of the event.