Sebelius Says Palin Won't Pull Clinton Supporters | KCUR

Sebelius Says Palin Won't Pull Clinton Supporters

Topeka, KS – Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius says Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said nothing Wednesday night to attract women who used to support Hillary Clinton. During a telephone news conference Thursday morning, Sebelius said she thinks Palin is on the wrong side of most womens' issues.

"She not only doesn't have solutions to any of the issues that are front and center to working families if they're struggling," says Sebelius. "Also she's on the radical fringe of even the Republican party on privacy issues and reproductive issues. So they have really taken a far step from the women who were energized by the candidacy of Hillary Clinton."

Sebelius was a co-chair of the Democratic National Convention and an early supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.