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School Board Tries to Win Back Superintendent

Aug 25, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City school board members are still hoping to convince John Covington to remain as superintendent, even while he's reiterated his intent to leave. And parents and observers are still reeling from his surprise resignation Wednesday.

While school board members deliberated on how to proceed, parent leader Jamekia Kendrix said that now, more than ever, the community needs to be involved in the education of the district's students.

"Their success is not dependent on an administrator, their success is dependent on all of us," Kendrix said.

Board member Arthur Benson, who resigned alongside the Superintendent, says he called for President Airick Leonard West to resign, in the hopes that Covington would stay.

After the emergency meeting, West announced the board had still not accepted Covington's resignation, and wouldn't meet again until next Wednesday.

"Over the next several days, we plan to engage in discussions and evaluations with Dr. Covington to explore whether there is another path forward," West said.

Covington said he doesn't plan to retract his resignation. He's been recognized state-wide, and even nationally, for the radical steps he took to down-size and transform the district. Student test scores have yet to show improvement.