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Saving Wall Street: It's All In The Name

Sep 30, 2008

Roeland Park, Ks. – Call it a Wall Street bailout . Call it a rescue . Public perception may be the reason it failed this week. The House Majority Leader campaigned in Johnson County Kansas and calls for some of the most basic political changes.
Maryland's Steny Hoyer joined Democrat Dennis Moore on the campaign trail of the second Kansas District, analyzing saving Wall Street. He said the deal might be won if the "leave it alone to fix itself" philosophers change how they vote. In Hoyer's words,"..One of the people who voted no, came up to me and said, 'Y'know you gotta do something to stabilize the market.' And I said to him, I said very frankly, you just voted no and the market tanked"!
Hoyer and Moore predict those attitudes will change once the move is called a rescue . Bailout sounds like a giveaway. And down the street, Moore's opponent was waiting. Republican Nick Jordan weighed in, and not in complete disagreement, "we do need to have a bill out. We need to do something to solve the financial crisis."
Hoyer says there may be another salvation bill voted on before week's end.