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"Save the E-Tax" Chairs Announced

Jan 27, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce officials announced the names of five civic leaders who will head the campaign to preserve Kansas City, Missouri's earnings tax yesterday at a Union Station news conference.

Five well-known civic leaders will shoulder the campaign effort that city government can't get involved in. The co-chairs are Hallmark President Don Hall, former Park Board member Anita Gorman, former Deputy Police Chief Vince Ortega, Silver Hair Council leader Norine Accurso and consultant Diane Cleaver, wife of Congressman Emanuel Cleaver.

Cleaver told reporters her husband, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver would be hard to convince that the city could lose nearly 40 percent of its general revenue and not have to severely cut city services.

At least two candidates for city office oppose renewing the earnings tax.

he first public pro-e-tax event will be a "Love Kansas City" rally February 14th at Union Station.

News conference audio for the on-air report was provided by KMBC, TV-9.