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Saturday Errands Interrupted At Corinth Square

Jan 30, 2010

Prairie Village, Kan. – Police closed off a 600 foot area of the Corinth Square Shopping Center this morning at 83rd and Somerset in Prairie Village after reports of an an unidentified object. Officers who had seen the object said it was wired and could be explosive, but upon investigation by a bomb squad, found the object to be harmless.

About 11:45 AM, police evacuated the busy parking lot as well as The Hen House Grocery Store, Hattie's Coffee Shop, a tailor, nail salon, cleaners, optical shop, and shoe repair.

They hurried to seal off the area while waiting for the bomb squad to examine the small item, which looked from a distance like a plastic bird feeder.

People left their cars parked in the area and were discouraged from using their cell phones for fear of possibly igniting the item.

Police said Hen House employees notified them this morning of the object on the northeast corner of their sidewalk.