Ryan Silvey, Now Out of Missouri Senate, Decries Political Scene 'Like A Reality Show'

Jan 22, 2018

Just days into the 2018 legislative session, after 13 years of service in the General Assembly, Kansas City Republican Senator Ryan Silvey was out of the statehouse and beginning a six-year term on the Missouri Public Service Commission. Silvey had frequently clashed with Governor Eric Greitens, and in this Statehouse Blend Missouri "exit interview," Silvey acknowledges that the governor may have nominated him partly to eliminate a "thorn in the side." 

He also identifies the challenges facing efforts to reduce taxes in the state and describes the way the age of Trump has turned politics into a "reality show." And asked whether Greitens should resign over his admitted affair and allegations of blackmail, Silvey says it's an "intensely personal decision," but also notes, "people have resigned for less."


  • Ryan Silvey, R-Kansas City, Missouri Public Service Commissioner
  • Kyle Palmer, KCUR morning newscaster