Right On The Mark:Missouri Record Vote | KCUR

Right On The Mark:Missouri Record Vote

Nov 6, 2008

Kansas City, Mo. – In post election decompression, Missouri's secretary of state confirms what was assumed on Tuesday: a record voter volume, and more. KCUR's Dan Verbeck reports:

2.9 million voters, 69 percent of those eligible, exercized the option. And further, Robin Carnahan will move ahead to ask next year's legislature to order the choice for early voting. She doesn't think the phenomenon favors Democrats, as some suggest. In her words
"one of the first states to adopt early voting was the state of Texas and about half of their voters, maybe even more, vote early in Texas and I don't think there's anybody who will argue that that's a bastion of Democratic, sort of, you know, landslides"

Carnahan says it's more about convenience for voters,less line-waiting, and not about how they vote.