Reviews of the Latest Art, Independent, Foreign & Documentary Films

Dec 2, 2011

Thanksgiving marks the start of something special.  No, not the shopping frenzy, or the decorating, or the baking.  It marks the season of movies released in time for holiday viewing!  Just in time to let you know what's out there, our film critics gather round with their picks and pans from the latest in independent, foreign and documentary films.

Cynthia Haines, Steve Walker, and Bob Butler offer their views to help you decide what to see on area screens.  From a movie that sets a wedding against the backdrop of impending planetary disaster to Michelle Williams playing Marilyn Monroe, our reviewers will let you know which releases pleased, perplexed and provoked them.

Looking for a sure bet?  Here are our critics' "Three To See" - their favorites:

Bob Butler: Melancholia, Descendants, Margin Call

Cynthia Haines: The Hedgehog, Descendants, Anonymous

Steve Walker: Melancholia, My Week With Marilyn, The Ides of March