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Reuiniting Joplin With Their Lost Photos

May 23, 2012

When the Joplin tornado struck one year ago, so much was destroyed or scattered that can never be replaced. And it became up to a few creative heroes to restore some of that order.

Abi Almandinger is one of those forces. 

On this Wednesday's Central Standard, hear how one woman took it upon herself to help Joplin heal, by creating a way to collect and return lost photographs using a Facebook group.

After the tornado hit, Almandinger heard a guest call in to a local radio show and ask what she could do with a stack of found photos. Almandinger, a consultant for a scrapbooking company and a photo enthusiast, realized that this is was her way of helping Joplin rebuild its memories.

After creating a Facebook page, Joplin's Found Photos, and setting up drop-off points for others who'd found pictures, Almandinger has uncovered nearly 5,000 photos at this point, and has returned 3,000, often personally. 

CNN reported yesterday on her efforts:

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