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Researchers Say Collaboration Is Key To Success In Research And Marketplace

Mar 10, 2010

Kansas City , Mo. – Scientists and business people are sharing research among institutions and across disciplines. That was the message at this weeks Life Sciences Summit sponsored by the University of Missouri campuses.

Collaborating is already happening . Working together has produced some tremendous breakthroughs in animal and human health.

Biologists are growing cell tissue outside pigs, for example, and replacing that new tissue in the animal. The new tissue will regenerate into new organs. The research has huge implications for human organ transplantation.

There's also hope similar work will reduce health care costs.

Wayne Carter, Vice President of nutrition with Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. in Topeka, says the National Bio and Agri Defense Facility, or NBAF, is a good example of how animal research could help humans.

"Through vaccinology, the development of vaccines, obviously this links into NBAF, (we) understand the impact of individual nutrients on gene expression and take that learning and apply it to humans."

Gary Forsee, President of the University of Missouri, said the region's multi million dollar animal health and life science expertise has already brought thousands of new jobs to the area, and will continue to attract new, high wage jobs.

Venture capitalists at the summit expressed interest in the life science industry, but acknowledged these are difficult times to attract investors.