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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Kansas City, MO – Community groups are assembling throughout the area today for festivities in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. Longtime pastor and community leader, Wallace Hartsfield, is presiding over the Southern Christian Leadership Conference(SCLC)'s mass celebration this evening.

According to Hartsfield, Dr. King's vision of community is especially clear this year.
Hartsfeld says, "One of the things that stands out so much is this whole matter of justice and this matter of community and the kinds of things that come from community. My feeling is that King felt that community is found where people are viewed as its greatest wealth.

Hartsfield also says that this year's events, which include the participation of many racial, ethnic, and faith groups, embody King's spirit of community and justice. The events put on in Kansas City mark some of the largest celebrations taking place across the nation. Other local festivities include youth workshops, special panels and presentations, music and dance performances, and community service activities.