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Reflecting On The Civil Rights Act Of 1964

Jul 2, 2014

Civil Rights March in Alabama
Credit Peter Pettus

July 2nd is the 50th anniversary of The Civil Rights Act of 1964. This historic piece of legislation outlawed race based discrimination, enfranchised voter registration rights, and desegregated businesses, public spaces, and schools.

On Wednesday's Central Standard, Rev. Nelson "Fuzzy" Thompson and Anita Dixon share their unique first hand experiences with the Civil Rights Movement in and around Kansas City, then and now.

"We all gotta learn to live together. As Dr. King said, 'we will learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or die apart as fools,'" Rev. Nelson "Fuzzy" Thompson said about the future of Civil Rights.


  • Rev. Nelson “Fuzzy” Thompson, President of local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • Anita Dixon, Executive Director of the Mutual Musicians Foundation International