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Recovering Politicians: A Twelve-Step Guide

Sep 3, 2013

We’ve all seen it, a politician’s life derailed by scandal or personal crisis. While in years past that meant retirement from public life, nowadays we’re just as likely to see these individuals re-emerge to campaign another day.

Missouri Capitol
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On Wednesday's Up to Date, we look at crisis management with Jeff Smith, one of the contributors to The Recovering Politician's Twelve-Step Guide to Surviving Crisis. A recovering legislator himself, Smith relates his path from the Missouri statehouse to prison. He reveals how the lessons he and others have learned in handling their crises can be beneficial even to those of us who live much more private lives.


  • Jeff Smith is Assistant Professor of Politics and Advocacy at the Milano School of International Affairs. Smith, who has taught political science at Washington University and Dartmouth College, teaches and researches political campaigns, urban political economy, policy advocacy, and the legislative process.  Jeff served in the Missouri Senate from 2006-2009, representing inner-city St. Louis. He is the author of Trading Places and is currently completing a book manuscript about the politics of prison reform. In addition to writing for political science journals, Jeff Smith is an advice columnist for New York political publication City and State, and frequently addresses audiences of public officials on ethics in politics.