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Rapper Stik Figa Previews New CD

Topeka, KS – About two hours into the recent Pitch music awards show at the Uptown Theater, John Westbrook, aka Stik Figa took the stage to perform some of his newest songs. Unlike many of the images of thug rappers that have become so common in mainstream culture, the self-deprecating Stik Figa actually seems to have fun when he performs. And his audiences must be having fun too; shortly after he finished his short set, Stik won the award for best hip-hop artist in the area. If Stik Figa's live performance style seems influenced by the good-time rap of the 80's, it might have something to do with his first inspiration, the 80's rap film Krush Groove. At his home in Topeka, he recently told Alex Smith that he first saw this early slice of hip hop culture when he was a globe-hopping army brat.

Topeka-based rapper Stik Figa's new CD is entitled Stik Figa as himself.

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