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Quilt Artist Sonie Ruffin's Journey

When Sonie Ruffin was 4 years old her grandmother handed her a piece of fabric, needle and thread and told her to go sew something. Little did Ruffin know that her childhood sewing assignment would change the course of her life.


Kansas City, MO – Sonie Ruffin is known nationally for her quilt art. She uses African fabrics, bold colors, furniture, leaves and tear drops to teach people about history, community and survival. KC Currents host Delores Jones met up with Sonie Ruffin in January at the Vine Street Studio and walked alongside her as she shared the stories captured in her exhibition called Sonie Ruffin - Somo: The Journey.

Ruffin is offering a series of quilting workshops at UMKC's African American History and Culture House in July and August, 2006.

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