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Public Comment Will Be Allowed On Mo. Food Stamp Rule Change

Oct 21, 2013

Credit clementine gallot / Flickr

An official with the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS) briefed a House Interim Committee Monday on Governor Jay Nixon's proposed rule change to cut able-bodied adults without children from the federal food stamp program (SNAP) if they don't have a job. 

Allison Campbell with the DSS Family Support Division says they initially sought to implement the change on October 1st via emergency rule, but she admits that approach was a mistake.

"What that doesn't do is allow time for people to give public comment and consideration into that rulemaking process," Campbell told the House Interim Committee on Improving Government Responsiveness and Efficiency.  "So we withdrew the emergency rule that we had filed."

Campbell says they've now filed a regular rule change proposal that will be made public on November 1st, and will allow for public comment.  She also says the move is an effort to "get back to the spirit of the law" by encouraging able-bodied food stamp recipients to find work.

The proposal would exempt some Missouri counties, where unemployment rates are at 10 percent or higher.