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Prop A Win Sets Up Divisive Election in KC

Nov 3, 2010

Kansas City, MO – Council and mayoral elections are in March, and a vote on maintain the earnings tax will follow about 2 weeks after. That means the newly elected mayor and council will be campaigning for the tax right away While it's not clear who will be taking the message to the voters, Councilman Ed Ford says it is pretty clear what they'll be saying.

"I think the message is simple", said Ford. "If you want city services at any sort of comparative level to what we've had, and you don't want to pay more real estate tax, you don't want to pay more sales tax, then you need to support the e-tax."

Ford says the only people who would benefit from repealing the earnings tax are those who work in Kansas City, but live elsewhere . people not eligible to vote on the tax. The tax must be renewed every five years, so Kansas City residents will be asked to vote for their self interest, against that of their suburban co-workers twice a decade.