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Project Fly-Threads Inspired By History

Dec 5, 2012

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum has teamed up with the KC clothing boutique Method to provide young men with a smart "fly" dress shirt as they embark on interviews that can transform their lives.


If you look at old Negro League Game Day pictures or take a visit to the Museum on 18th and Vine, you’ll see a sight beyond baseball that you won’t see at any modern sporting event. The Fans are in the stands, sure enough, but so are -- Fedoras, Ties, Dress shirts, suspenders, Sunday Dresses, Bonnets, Pea Coats. The baseball fans of yesteryear, looked really good.  It was the style and pride in dress that inspired the Wilkinson Dress Shirt and sparked a program that helps connect youth to the stories of those who achieved greatness in the face of incredible adversity.

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