Preview: Sporting KC Takes On Salt Lake For MLS Cup

Dec 4, 2013

There's a flurry of professional sports activity in Kansas City this weekend, but it's not for a football game. Soccer is taking center stage. 

Sporting KC will cap off a successful season by taking on Real Salt Lake this weekend in the MLS Cup.
Credit Brent Flanders / Flickr-CC

On Saturday, Sporting Kansas City will host Real Salt Lake at Sporting Park for the MLS Cup championship. It’s the first time a championship game has been played in Kansas City, and if Sporting wins, it will be their first title since 2000, when they were still known as the Wizards.

In the second part of Up to Date, KCUR’s Greg Echlin and his counterpart from Salt Lake City take a look the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams.


  • Greg Echlin, KCUR sports reporter
  • Brian Dunseth, color analyst for Real Salt Lake