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Preventing Child Abuse, Kansas Taxes, Ash Wednesday Drive-Through

Feb 18, 2013

Want Fries With That? Ash Wednesday Drive-Through

Credit Alex Smith / KCUR

These days you can get a lot at a drive through without leaving the comfort of your car: coffee, dry cleaning, or a cheeseburger.  And, this past Wednesday morning, two churches in Prairie Village offered single-serve Ash Wednesday services to commuters in their cars. Alex Smith stopped by one to watch the season of Lent kicked off at the speed of rush hour.

Preventing Child Abuse

How can parents lock their child in a closet, or handcuff a teenager in a basement?  Social worker Joe Beck, of Midwest Foster Care and Adoption, talks about these recent cases, and tell us about the help that’s available to struggling parents. 

Kansas Struggles To Discover New Red State Model

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has put the state on what he calls a “glide path to zero” income tax.   But that glide path is far from clear, and it is definitely not smooth.

Safety Concerns Threaten Growing Market For Raw Milk Cheese

Sales of specialty cheeses sold in US grocery stores grew 7 percent last year – in large part because of increasing demand for exotic artisanal cheeses.  That includes raw cheeses made from unpasteurized milk. Raw milk cheese has gathered a fervent following for its taste, nutritional benefits and freshness. But recent safety concerns threaten the market.

Film Explores History of Segregated Medicine in Kansas City

Up until the 1950s in Kansas City, if you were sick, the color of your skin determined where you could go for care.  The film, From Separate to Equal: The Creation of Truman Medical Center, explores the history of segregated medicine in Kansas City and how black health leaders helped break down those barriers. 

SONG: How To Fish

We end today’s show with a new recording of a song by local rapper Reach. It’s called How to Fish, and was written for his grandfather.  This recording is a collaboration with jazz group Diverse and singer Julia Haile. They’ll be opening for Talib Kweli at the Granada in Lawrence this Friday.  And on February 27, 2013 they’ll all be part of a tribute to record producer J Dilla at the Blue Room at the American Jazz Museum.