The Precarious State of Space Exploration And The Sale Of The Washington Post

Aug 20, 2013

An artists rendering of NASA's still developing Space Launch System (SLS). If completed it will be able to haul more payload into space.
Credit NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center / Flickr -- Creative Commons

The Washington Post's Joel Achenbach joins Central Standard to discuss the precarious state of space exploration and the recent purchase of the Post by Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of


  • Joel Achenbach, staff writer for The Washington Post since 1990, started the newsroom’s first online column, “Rough Draft,” in 1999, and started’s first blog, Achenblog, in 2005. He's written extensively on wide raging topics from  dinosaurs, particle physics, earthquakes, extraterrestrial life, megafauna extinction and the electrical grid. He now writes for The Post’s national desk, on science and politics.