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Practical Not Pretty: Jobs In Water Works

Nov 9, 2009

Kansas City, Mo. – Water and sewer projects lead to jobs. As part of the "Get to Work, Missouri" program, Governor Jay Nixon went to a job site in Kansas City to herald a $266 million statewide initiative. More than a score of communities will get funds for sewer and drinking water plants.

Kansas City's share will be $24 million. Blue Springs will get $34 million.

$146 million will come from the federal recovery act, 120 million from the state revolving fund. Wastewater and sewer jobs that have to be obligated by mid February. The governor hopes to have bids let within 90 days.

The number of jobs being created? In the governor's words--
"we think thousands. We don't have an actual number yet. We'll have to see how the bids come in. But clearly in the construction area it requires a significant number of craftsmen, you have to have laborers, you have to have hoisting engineers, you have to have plumbers."
Earthmoving equipment would be heard and seen at work on the wastewater treatment project, as the governor was speaking.

Emphasis for the plant is in environmental purity. The site is just north of the Kansas City Police Academy.