Port Authority Owes City $135,000 For Old Billing Errors | KCUR

Port Authority Owes City $135,000 For Old Billing Errors

Apr 18, 2013

An investigation into Kansas City's port authority that began during Mark Funkhouser's administration may be coming to closure with the agency getting a substantial bill from the city.


An audit reviewed by the council finance committee Wednesday concludes that the city should try to recover $135,000 the city paid out for the repurposing of the old Richards Gebaur Air Force Base.

Auditors turned up over $92,000 in duplicate payments and almost $42,000 in vendor overcharges.

The city had paid all those invoices, which dated from 2003 to 2008, a period in which the agency was accused of poor bookkeeping and cronyism in contracting.

The audit was ordered after a clash between then Mayor Funkhouser and the previous head of the quasi[governmental Port Authority Trey Runion.  Runion was replaced, and at that time the Authority separated from the Economic Development Corporation.  The latest city plans call for the two agencies to recombine, a suggestion which has not been received well by current Port Authority officials.

The city comptroller and present Port Authority president Michael Collins  say new systems are in place to prevent duplicate billing and payment of overcharges in the future.