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Poll: Kansas Sixth Most Charitable State

May 15, 2014

Kansas: known for farms, flat terrain and ... charitable residents?
Credit Roy Montgomery / Flickr--CC

Kansas is the sixth most charitable state, according to a poll out this month from the research company Gallup.

Sixty-two percent of Kansans reported donating money in the past month, while 45 percent donated time and 39 percent donated some of both.

Missouri came in at 34th with 64 percent of residents donating money, 41 percent donating time and 31 percent engaging in both.

Utah led the states in reported charitable giving, with 71 percent donating money, 56 percent donating time and 48 percent donating both. Kentucky and Nevada tied for last, with a 24 percent rate of charitable giving.

Gallup conducted the poll between June and December 2013, with a random sample of at least 600 adults (18 and older) per state.

Respondents in all states were more likely to donate their money than their time, and only two states had volunteer rates that exceeded 50 percent: Utah and Minnesota.

You can see the full list here.