Political Pundits: Is Kansas The Most Conservative State?

May 8, 2012

If there was any doubt about the hold of the political right in the Heartland then wonder no more.  A recent survey shows Kansas has the most conservative congressional delegation in the nation.

Though the findings weren’t surprising, they serve as a strong indicator for the future of politics in the Sunflower State.  Tuesday on Up to Date, political pundits Dave Helling of the Kansas City Star, Washburn University political science professor Bob Beatty and Kansas State University political science professor Joe Aistrup examine how these four Representatives are able to consistently vote conservative even to the point of bucking the Republican leadership.

In the second half of the program, Missouri State University political science professor George Connor looks at happenings across the state line with  where the Missouri legislature struggles to find an acceptable budget, has voided seniority as a means for teachers to keep their jobs, and where one of their own voiced his opposition to a bill by coming out.