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Political Pundits: Election Aftermath

Nov 5, 2014

Political Pundits Robyn Kuhlmann and Dave Helling discuss the November election.
Credit Beth Lipoff / KCUR

Kansas was a fierce battleground in this election, but when the dust settled, it was the Republicans who eked out a victory for the governor’s office. Their 10-point Senate win came with less political sweat.

On Wednesday's Up to Date, we dive into the details of those races--and a few in Missouri--with our Political Pundits. We check out just how hampered Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon will be by a ballot measure that restricts his budgeting resources, and we discuss why voters turned down the idea of tying test scores to teacher pay raises.


  • Dave Helling, political writer for The Kansas City Star
  • Burdett Loomis, professor of political science at the University of Kansas
  • Robynn Kuhlmann, assistant professor of political science at the University of Central Missouri
  • Bob Beatty, professor of political science at  Washburn University