Police Say Missing Child Parents Balk | KCUR

Police Say Missing Child Parents Balk

Oct 7, 2011

Kansas City, MO – The search for missing 10 month old Lisa Irwin has become more complicated in the last 12 to 14 hours. There are claims and counterclaims about the child's parents willingness to work with police.

Kansas City police said last evening the missing toddler's parents had stopped cooperating with detectives, leads had run out and been investigated as best possible and the command post near the Irwin house was closing. A member of the family has refuted the stated unwillingness to help investigators.

The Irwin child was reported missing early Tuesday morning when the father said he came home from work to find the lights on, door and a window open and family phones taken. Since, the presumed abduction has taken nationwide attention. The parents have appeared on national network television with pleas for a return of the child. The FBI is involved.

Timing is critical when there has been an abduction, as pointed out earlier in the probe by police Captain Steve Young--" as everybody knows with any investigation the longer the time goes without getting a conclusion the more difficult it becomes but that doesn't mean that we're letting up." Neither are police letting go, but Young said last night there are still no suspects and fifty potential leads have led nowhere.