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Plodding Plot For Econ Recovery Cash

Feb 2, 2009

Kansas City, Mo. – Strategists working out of Kansas City Missouri city hall are plotting a path toward getting their chunk of the federal economic stimulus package, once it is passed. But there is no clear or easily drawn route to the money.
The 'ad hoc' committee for the package is made up of some city department heads, some from private industry and others representing organized labor. An assistant to the city manager told them to expect lawmakers to iron out house and senate differences in conference committee the week of February 9th. So time is short to learn how to apply and what to target.The panel is led by Ed DeSoignie, Executive Director of the Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City. He gathered a loosely knit bunch of strategists around a city hall table in late January. They are trying to get started developing design and engineering consulting teams.DeSoignie told them,
" The concept is to develop almost like a rapid response team. And the whole idea is to utilize either existing staff, if you've got existing staff with that capability, but supplement that with private sector."
At this stage a plan is in its infancy at best. And the clock is ticking to get in line for federal stimulus billions.