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Playwright James Still's Works in Two Kansas City Venues

Apr 26, 2007

This weekend, the voice of a writer with deep Kansas roots, James Still, will be heard in two very different Kansas City theater venues.

Kansas City, MO – Olathe South High School, Secret History of the Future, April 26 - 28, 7:30 pm.

Unicorn Theatre presents Iron Kisses, April 27 - May 20 (previews April 25 and 26).

What: "This play (Iron Kisses) is about the mysteries of family - the roles that we play that are as inexcapable as they are comfortable. Told by two actors through the stories of a Midwestern mother and father, a straight sister and a gay brother, it's about love, marriage, secrets, judgment, surprise - people doing the best they can. It's about how families evolve and how they grow up."
Why: "Aren't you interested in how early experiences define who we become? At this particular time in our culture it seems important to look at our lives - messy as they can be - to look deeply at how our families shaped us to be both what we are and what we don't want to be.
It's time to own up to where we have come from."
~James Still, playwright