Pizza! | KCUR


Oct 22, 2012

In 1987 Congress designated October as National Pizza Month and we at Central Standard are nothing if not dedicated to the observance of this acknowledgment of one of our favorite foods.

In the second part of Tuesday's broadcast, it's only natural that Jabulani Leffall sit down with someone who really knows pizza, Gail Lozoff, co-owner of KC's own Spin! Neopolitan Pizza.  Slice by slice they'll piece together the history of this international dish, examine what makes a good pizza, and discuss how pizzerias are adapting to offer more health-conscious choices.  We might even have time for a little pizza trivia!

Gail Lozoff is the co-owner of Spin!.  Her career with food began as CEO of Bagel & Bagel in 1988, continued as Chief Marketing Officer with Einstein Bros. Bagels through all its transmutations before moving to Houlihan's Restaurants in 2001 to be its Chief Concept Officer.  Lozoff has a B.A. in English from Beaver College and her B.F.A in Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute.