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Party Lines Mean Little In KC Area Debt Crisis Vote

Oct 17, 2013

Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts was the lone “no” vote among U.S. Senators from Missouri and Kansas as the debt ceiling crisis was averted and the federal government reopened.

Most House Members from the region voted with Roberts and on the losing side of a measure that is now law.

No votes came from Republicans Kevin Yoder, Sam Graves and Vicky Hartzler.  

The  Ayes were counted among Jerry Moran, Lynn Jenkins and Democrat Emanuel Cleaver who later talked with Steve Kraske on KCUR program Up To Date, unhappy with the temporary budgetary solution.

“There is no reason for people in our community, including the 45,000 federal workers, to believe that we won’t walk back toward the precipice again in January,” he said.

Missouri Sixth District’s Sam Graves posted on his website that the bill didn’t actually restrain spending.

Hartzler of the 4th District said by statement the law gives a blank check to the Administration without addressing debt or deficit.

Kevin Yoder of Kansas 3rd District said in a press release the measure only bought more time and did so by borrowing more.

Kansas colleague Lynn Jenkins later said she voted to prevent default and said she agreed with the President it was impossible to go from crisis to crisis in Washington.

Missouri’s two Senators, Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Claire McCaskill, voted with the majority.