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Panel Recommends Updates For Kansas Statehouse Grounds

Dec 26, 2013

A state panel is recommending some of the final details for the Kansas Statehouse grounds. The major parts of the renovations should be completed by the end of the year. The Capitol Preservation Committee is recommending additions like a walking trail, new signs and a series of light posts around the property. But they voted not to recommend placing two fountains on the grounds.

Landon Fulmer is a member of the panel and the governor's chief of staff. He questioned a proposal to install two fountains at a cost of more than $90,000, because they'd have to be shutdown in winter.

“They would not be running for a fair portion of the year, so I’d like to at least think about this a little bit longer before moving forward with fountains,” Fulmer said.

State Rep. Valdenia Winn, a Kansas City, Kan., Democrat does not agree with eliminating the fountain proposal. She says winters haven't stopped the Kansas City area from being known for its fountains.

The recommendations will still need additional approvals. The next step will be a vote by the Legislative Coordinating Council.