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Only a Trickle: KC Water Woes

Feb 17, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Temperature swings and an old water pipeline system are plaguing Kansas City right now and it's going to get worse. That word came from the acting city manager in a surprise briefing to the City Council business session.

Thirty one broken water mains are getting attention today. Those are the kind that give you dry coughs out of the faucet.

Acting Manager Troy Shulte says anybody getting water from the 75th street pumping station, much of the Southland, had pressure problems from a broken 16 inch main off a 30 inch pipe, and a boil advisory was a precaution.

Tests tonight should show water purity.

But, Shulte says it's far from over--"as long as you get temperature swings, if we've got 70's and drop back down into 30's, they'll start popping again on us."

Shulte says Water Services has to go to the worst, leave the smaller leaks for a time when there's less violence to the system. A good argument, he says, for water rate hikes to upgrade.