One family tells their story about the journey to Kansas City from their flood ravaged- home in New Orleans.

Kansas City, Missouri – As of mid -week this week, The Red Cross of Kansas City had helped more than 16- hundred evacuees to the Kansas City area from Hurrican Katrina. This does not account for the hundreds more who may be staying with friends and family -- not seeking the financial and other services the agency is providing. Each has a different story, a combination of relief, grief, and stress about what the future will hold.
Some are here for a short time, before moving on to pursue work or more permanent opportuninties in other parts of the country. One magician from Bourbon Street came to stay with friends for a couple of weeks, but has moved on to Las Vegas where he hopes to find work. Another couple -- separated when the water rose in their garage, made their way separately to her sisters house in Kansas City. When they finally got together, the husband found out his wife had to break through the roof to keep from drowning. Two weeks into their stay here, they still had no news of their eight year old son.
Henry Frazier came with his two sons, one son's girlfriend and their eight month old baby. They told the story of their journey to Laura Ziegler.