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Officials Quiet About Timing Of Deer Harvest

Oct 7, 2009

Shawnee Mission, Kansas – County law enforcement officers will be trained by an outside agency in order to carry out the harvest as safely and humanely as possible, according to spokesman Randy Knight. The park will be closed at the time of the shooting, and officers will operate in small, remote sections of the park where officials have spread bait to attract the animals.

Opposition to the harvest has grown intense in recent weeks. An organization called BiteclubKC has led protests and even produced a bloody deer head at park head quarters.

Park Spokesman Knight says the county is taking the threats by opponents seriously.

Randy Knight:"We're certainly not gonna publicize the dates, and they have not been set yet, but even when they are , it's a law enforcement operation and for public safety reasons we will not inform the public."

Knight says the perimeter of the park will be closely monitored by law enforcement officials and the area will be cordoned off.