Occupy KC Attracts Hundreds To Sunday March And Rally | KCUR

Occupy KC Attracts Hundreds To Sunday March And Rally

Oct 10, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri – The honking horns and chanting of several hundred marchers indicated that Kansas City has become part of a national movement, according to spokesmen at Sunday's Occupy KC demonstration.

CBS news reported that more than 25 cities have held demonstrations mirroring those held in New York as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The protests focus on corporate control of politics and frustration over income disparities, joblessness and federal debt.

Local organizer Tyler Crane said Sunday that the Kansas City demonstration was about outreach and trying to spread the word that what's going on elsewhere is also happening here.

"[We're] letting people know Kansas City is staying in touch with occupation movements around the globe," Crane said. "We're doing it here, and we just wanted to let people know what we're doing."

About 15 people have been sleeping at the Occupy KC encampment behind Liberty Memorial over the last ten days without incident, Crane said. Many types of people have shown up, including businessmen, the unemployed, students and the homeless, he said.