Obama Addresses KC Transport Workers Facing Cutbacks

Aug 26, 2008

Presidential candidate Barack Obama spoke to transport workers facing steep job cuts at Kansas City International airport yesterday. The town-hall meeting was part of his tour of tightly-contested states before he speaks at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross was there.

A couple hundred people were at the American Airlines overhaul base to see Senator Obama speak. It was a mix of local supporters, and maintenance workers. Mechanic Alan Jones said he wanted to hear how a new administration could help bring some job security.

JONES: I've been laid off probably three or four times since I've been with this company. We need a change to take place so that those coming behind me will have a place to work where it's uninterrupted.

Senator Obama said the Bush administration's economic and energy policies contributed to the challenges facing American Airlines.

OBAMA: The fact is that the airlines are getting clobbered. They're having a tough time because of rising fuel prices. Because of the same things that are creating a tough time for individual families who are trying to fill up their gas tanks, or buy groceries.

Obama also answered questions about health care, worker safety and social security.