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Obama Ad Attacks Romney For KC Job Losses

May 15, 2012

TV viewers in five swing states will see an Obama ad tomorrow that highlights a bankrupt Kansas City manufacturing firm and hundreds of lost jobs at the hands of Mitt Romney’s Boston-based investment firm.

Emotional vignettes feature the voices of some of the 750 steel workers laid off after Bain Capital merged the Northeast Kansas City plant with a South Carolina plant in 1995. 

“They made as much money…as they could. And (then) they closed it down,” testified 30-year former steelworker Joe Soptic.

According to the Washington Post, the ad is the Obama campaign’s first attack on Romney’s business record.

The ad is part of the ongoing effort to paint Romney as oblivious to the economic impact of his multi-million dollar profits as a venture capitalist, and its message will be underscored in a series of Obama campaign events this week, including one in Missouri.

The ad is sponsored by Priorities USA Action, an Obama super PAC that has spent $4 million to air the spot in Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Iowa.

The Romney campaign quickly released a video focusing on Bain successes and said the decline in the domestic steel industry was a contributing factor in the shuttering of the steel plant.