NPR Correspondent Wade Goodwyn, And The Actor Breathing Life Into Historic Leaders

Jan 29, 2018

Why portray such polarizing historical figures as Adolf Hitler and Margaret Thatcher? "What I want to do is make them three-dimensional again," says Pip Utton.

For frequent listeners of NPR, there's no mistaking Wade Goodwyn's voice. Today, we sit down with the Dallas-based reporter and discuss his decades of experience reporting on national issues with a story-telling perspective. Then, we meet Pip Utton, whose one-man shows feature important leaders you might have heard of. We'll find out what he hopes to accomplish by portraying figures like Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Adolf Hitler on stage.

Pip Utton will perform a series of one-man shows at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre starting at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 1. For ticketing information and a complete list of shows, go to