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Not Your Same Old Ways: Boosters Plot Blight Fight

Jul 21, 2008

Kansas City, MO – Civic, government and business leaders have tentatively forged stimuli to turn around distressed parts of Kansas City. Member of the loosely formed think tank intend to create a private investment fund as an umbrella under which to maneuver.

This economic engine would stimulate small and bigger businesses to redevelop neglected neighborhoods. KCP and L's Chief Executive Officer Mike Chesser is an advocate, knowing the key to succeeding, " is not only just to give the money, but also provide mentorship and support, other things like that. And I think that this community, as philanthropic as it is, would really rally to something like that if it were well organized."

Mayor Mark Funkhouser wants neighborhoods to know they're not forgotten. But this is a long term project, he says, that might see some change begin during his term in office.

More than a score of political, corporate and academic leaders traded strategic ideas during a meeting at the Kauffman Foundation.