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Not My Size

A new play and a documentary examine women's body images.

Stacey Tolbert's play Not My Size will be performed this Thursday and Friday (April 20-21) at the Creative Minds Community Art Center at 3109 Troost.

Kansas City, MO – Human females are the only mammals that maintain breasts, even when they're not nursing. Is this a good thing? That's a complicated set of issues that poet Stacey Tolbert and filmmaker Annie Walsh are exploring in interviews with women here in Kansas City. They're making a documentary about women and their feelings about their bosoms called Got Breast? Tolbert's also written a play about women's body image called Not My Size. They're presenting the play next weekend at the Creative Minds Community Art Center. Tolbert says she first developed the idea when she lived in San Diego. Back here in Kansas City, she began collaborating with Annie Walsh.