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No Record, But Nearly: Take A Book To The Polls

Oct 28, 2008

Kansas City, Mo. – More than three-fourths of Missouri voters are expected to cast ballots in next week's general election.

The anticipated 76 percent is one percent shy of the record high of 1992. State Secretary Robin Carnahan says voters need to be prepared to know their choice of candidates, or create long lines. Kansas City election directors say they were surprised so many high school and college students volunteered to work at polls November Fourth. They will be used to check addresses and assist would-be voters who are at the wrong polling place. To add to congestion, There are 22 issues on Kansas City's many as 40 in some districts. And Carnahan counts 340 thousand newly registered voters in Missouri. In her words,

"a hundred and fifty thousand of those are people in that 18 to 24 year old age group, which is more than double the number of any other age group in terms of increases in registration"

Kansas City has 36 thousand new voters in the area south of Clay and Platte Counties. The city's election directors say you can expect an average of four minutes for a voter to spend in a booth, but some will take longer and lines will form.