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No Recommendation Yet From Airport Citizens Task Force

Apr 22, 2014

The KCI Terminal Advisory Group met at City Hall Tuesday morning.
Credit Alex Smith / KCUR

A slew of remaining questions prevented the KCI Terminal Advisory Group from making its official recommendation Tuesday morning.

The group, which was created by Mayor Sly James, is expected to make a recommendation to the City Council on one of three plans for the future of the Kansas City International Airport.

Many group members voiced their concerns over remaining unknowns at Tuesday's meeting at City Hall. An hour into the meeting, co-chair Bob Berkebile announced the group would need more time to answer questions and reach a consensus.

The three likely options for the airport include renovations of the current horseshoe design, renovations of the current design with the construction of a central connecting building, or construction of a new terminal.

The group will reconvene May 7.