No Longer In Vogue Among Suburbanites: Meth | KCUR

No Longer In Vogue Among Suburbanites: Meth

Aug 14, 2008

State law enforcers in Kansas are puzzled over a rise in incidence of methamphetamine labs, while it's completely different in suburban Johnson County.

First seven months of the year, as many meth cookers have been found as in all of 2007 across the state. Ninety Seven. Johnson County? Not a one. In all of last year there was just one. And that was a dumping of chemicals or equipment. Sheriff's Deputy Tom Erickson says this to KCUR,

"Even our rural areas here are populated so people that want to cook methamphetamine, theres just not the availability and the space and privacy for them."

Nonetheless, a web based pharmacy tracking program is being started in Kansas this week. More than 125 pharmacies in 62 counties are pledged to report sales of meth ingredients.