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Nicastro Punts On KCPS Governance

Dec 2, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro held off on making recommendations about the governance of Kansas City, Missouri schools to the state board of education in a meeting in Branson today. In a <a data-cke-saved-href=" target= " href="" _blank"="">written statement</a>, <span data-scayt_word="Nicastro" data-scaytid="2">Nicastro</span> outlined the options, and said the Kansas City community needed more time to come to a consensus on the path ahead.<br></p><p>"While we believe that an appointed board with full authority could provide stronger leadership and a more aggressive path to improving student performance, the additional conflict that such a decision would create without clear community and legal authority is not worth the risk," <span data-scayt_word="Nicastro" data-scaytid="4">Nicastro</span> wrote.</p><p>Yesterday, Mayor Sly James <a data-cke-saved-href=" " href="%20" target="_blank">proposed a mayoral takeover of the district</a>, and asked that the loss of accreditation be postponed until July. <span data-scayt_word="Nicastro" data-scaytid="6">Nicastro</span> is sticking with the date: January 1, 2011.<br></p><p></p>