The NFL Looks Ready For Michael Sam — And So Is Kansas City

May 15, 2014

Michael Sam’s NFL draft pick on Saturday — the first for an openly gay football player — continues to generate buzz on social media.

Michael Sam was the 249th draft choice by the St. Louis Rams.
Credit Wikipedia -- CC

The pick put Missouri in the spotlight, since the University of Missouri defensive end became the 249th overall choice by the St. Louis Rams.

We wanted to hear your thoughts on this historical moment, so we used our airwaves and social media this week to ask: Is the NFL ready for Michael Sam? Why or why not?

Overall, listeners’ answers ranged from emphatic yeses to “Does it matter?”

“Things will calm down and he will just be another player,” Gaby Dixon tells us on Facebook. “And that's as it should be.”  

Tom Poe said the acceptance of Sam by players and fans will be “largely a generational thing.”

“I've seen such a big change of attitudes by younger people (certainly, under the age of 30),” Poe tells us on Facebook. “That said, my Mother is 95 years-old and she told me she saw Michael Sam's 'kiss' and thought it was 'so sweet.'She is a fan of daytime TV Soaps where same-sex kisses are all-over the place.”  

See the highlights from the Twitter conversation below. For the full Twitter stream, follow the #TellKCUR hashtag.  

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