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New Plan Eases Threat Of Kansas City Schools Takeover

Feb 19, 2014

Missouri is no longer threatening a quick take-over of the Kansas City school district.

The state's latest proposal instead centers around performance contracts, advice and financial help from the state and a five-tiered school performance ranking system. If an unaccredited district like Kansas City's fails to meet its goals, it would fall to the lowest, or “lapsed” category and likely be taken over by the state.

When she announced the revised play Tuesday, Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro said if Kansas City schools' performance does not slip again this fall, the district could regain provisional accreditation this year.

District officials met with reporters shortly after the new proposal was released. Superintendent Stephen Green said the district is encouraged by the new proposal and expressed confidence that the improvement in performance ranking will continue

“I am quite sure that we will be beyond the provisional accreditation status," Green said.

A final vote from the state board of education would put the plan into effect.

The state will hold public hearings on the proposal in Kansas City and St. Louis next week.