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New Nuke Plant Starts Amid Protests

Sep 8, 2010

Kansas City, MO – Heavy equipment has started moving earth for the nearly $700 Million nuclear weapon parts plant in south Kansas City. Ground was broken this morning near the former Richards-Gebauer Air Force Base at Highway 150 and Botts Road. The complex is owned by the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Protestors walked and stood close to the job site where 25 hundred people are expected to work. Seven protestors were arrested and booked for disorderly conduct, accused of walking into the path of a VIP bus.

The fact that the plant will make non nuclear components for weapons wasn't important to peace protestors. The weapons themselves are. Among demonstrators was Sister Therese Bangert of the Sisters of Charity in Kansas City Kansas. She termed those weapons "evil." Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver says he understands their philosophy--"but to knock an economic hole into our community over a non nuclear facility is being short sighted."
To the Kansas City Democrat, jobs creation is the most important current role of the federal government.

Most of the jobs, when the move is made in 2014, will move from the Bannister Road site operated by Honeywell FM & T. The construction jobs are new and are expected to number in the thousands.