New Group To Look For Ways To Improve DMV Service

Oct 5, 2012

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is creating a task force to look for ways to improve the DMV system in Kansas.

An upgrade to the state's vehicle registration system was plagued with problems, creating long lines at some DMV offices. Brownback says the recent problems put the issue in the spotlight.

"This has not been an area of high performance for government in this state for a long time. But when you had that transition and then you had these long waits in places, it really brought it up to the surface," Brownback said. "Government, at this point in time, people shouldn't have to wait that long to get their business done with the government."

The first meeting of the task force is scheduled for next week.  The state has decided to withhold part of the payment to 3M, the contractor providing the new DMV system, until the problems have been resolved.